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Try these 3 tips to avoid traffic jam crashes

During the Thanksgiving holiday and holiday season afterward, traffic is going to be tight. People travel more this time of year, and that can mean that the roads become congested. Add to that the risk of heavy snow and high winds, and you can see why traffic jams are so common.

If you do get stuck in a traffic jam, it is important that you know what to do to protect yourself and those you care about. Making the wrong moves could result in a crash, so here's a little more about what you can do to be safe.

1. Keep a safe distance

To start with, keep a safe distance from those in front of you. A good distance is usually three seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Why this distance? It helps you avoid braking and rear-end crashes.

2. Don't be aggressive

If traffic is slowed or stopped, it's not going anywhere. Getting road rage or becoming aggressive won't do anything but anger others and could result in a mistake that leads to a crash.

3. Stay in your lane

Finally, stay in your lane. While you might think a lane is moving faster next to you, the reality is that most do move at the same speed with some minor differences. Saving a few minutes isn't going to be worth getting into a crash, so take your time when traveling and stay in your lane.

With these tips, you can avoid an accident. Be cautious, and you'll be able to enjoy the holiday season without injuries.

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