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Who will receive your property if you die intestate?

You may find yourself among the numerous individuals who wonder whether creating an estate plan suits their needs. In reality, anyone can benefit from having an estate plan. The tools used when planning can address many areas of life, and even if you do not have substantial assets, your plan could address the assets you do have. Additionally, if you have children, you can use your plan to name guardians for them.

Covering certain scenarios during child custody negotiations

If you are going through the end of a marriage, you may be facing a multitude of difficult decisions that could have a significant impact on your future. As a parent, one of your major areas of focus may pertain to protecting your child throughout the process and ensuring his or her needs are taken care of.

Dads can win custody, too

Your divorce is between you and your spouse. You are not divorcing your children. Nevertheless, the kids seem to be at the heart of many of the decision you, your spouse and the family court make these days. Chief among these decisions is the matter of custody.

Could trusts help you qualify for Medicaid?

Many Pennsylvania residents have varying views when it comes to getting older. Some may feel that reaching their golden years will act as a time of enjoyment and relaxation, and other people may believe that reaching their elderly years will rob them of their abilities. No matter which category you may fall into, planning for the latter scenario may work in your best interests.

Planning to make your parenting plan work for the future

As you prepare for divorce, you know that there are many challenges ahead for you. One of most complex issues in many divorces pertains to child custody, and you may be wondering how you can minimize the negative impact that the end of your marriage will have on your child. One of the ways you can do this is with a thoughtful, carefully crafted parenting plan.

Getting divorced? Be careful what you post on social media.

In today’s world, social media is a major way we tell our friends and family about what is going on in our lives. A divorce is one of the more impactful events that can happen in your life. So, when going through a divorce, you may be drawn to post about it in social media. However, it can be very important to tread carefully on social media when ending a marriage.

Have you been named executor of an estate?

Experiencing grief after the death of a loved one happens to most people. During this time, it can seem difficult to move forward with everyday activities and with life in general. You likely know that, with time, you will once again have the ability to carry out your daily routine and remember your loved one fondly once the newness of the loss has worn off.

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