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You can claim workers' compensation for heat stroke

When you're hurt on the job, there should be no question that you have the right to workers' compensation. It is designed to be a safety net for employees who are hurt. They deserve to seek that compensation and receive support while recovering from their injuries.

One of the conditions that can lead to injuries in the summer is the heat. Even in Pennsylvania, the heat waves that pass through the area are enough to leave workers exhausted from being outside, even in the shade. That's why it's essential that employers take the weather conditions outside into consideration before having employees working in the elements. Direct sunlight and heat are both a threat to employees, who could develop health problems as a result.

Get your workers' compensation after any workplace injury

Workers' compensation can be a huge benefit for those who are hurt when they're on the job. Whether you're new to the job or have been working with a company for many years, it's important that you get coverage if you get hurt.

Workers' compensation kicks in the moment you start working for a company. If you get hurt in the first minute on the job, it should still cover your injuries. No employer should deny you the right to file a claim if you are hurt on the job, even if you're a new employee.

How do you link your injury to work?

Sometimes, employees who get hurt on the job don't want to admit to their injuries at work. They may think it's a matter of pride because they made a stupid mistake that led to an injury, or they may feel that it's not serious enough to report.

If you are hurt at work, you need to report the injury. No matter how minor it seems, it is a good idea to let someone know that you've been hurt. That way, if the injury worsens or requires medical care, you've already started the process for workers' compensation.

Yes, you can appeal if your workers' compensation is denied

When you're hurt while working, one of the last things you'd expect is for your workers' compensation claim to be denied. They do get denied, however, because of many different causes. For example, you might not turn in the claim on time, or there might not be enough evidence of your injury to make the workers' compensation insurance company happy to pay out.

As someone who is hurt and who needs support during this difficult time, it's essential that you make sure you appeal any denial you receive. You should take it to your attorney immediately so that you can begin working on an appeal right away.

Worker dies from blunt-force injuries in Pennsylvania accident

People working in construction are at a higher risk of suffering serious injuries or death than people who work in many other fields, primarily because of the nature of their jobs. Although steps may be taken to make a construction site safer, there is always going to be a risk of individuals suffering injuries or dying as a result of working with dangerous machinery or tools.

Take, for example, this story right here in our state. In a tragic accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, one employee was killed in a construction accident. According to the news report, the employee was working for a sub-contractor or contractor in the construction zone.

Know what to do if you lose a loved one in a work accident

Workers' compensation provides for those who lose a loved one in a workplace accident, just as it provides for those who are hurt on the job. Known as death benefits, these benefits provide compensation for funeral costs and other losses.

In Pennsylvania, death benefits are paid to dependent survivors. The workers' compensation insurance covers any medical bills, as well as a portion of the decedent's wages, to the family.

Hurt? Here's what you can expect

Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania is a necessity. It protects workers who get hurt on the job from having to pay their own medical costs. It also helps them avoid having to pay for vocational rehabilitation. If they remain off work for several days, then workers' compensation will begin to pay them a portion of their lost wages as well.

Employers are required to have workers' compensation for their employees. Failing to do so is a violation of state law except for in a few exceptions. Exemptions from workers' compensation are available for longshoremen, federal employees, domestic servants and some other specific positions.

What are vocational benefits, training and rehabilitation?

Workers' compensation benefits provide the necessary support for those who are hurt on the job. Whether they're temporarily impacted by their injuries or have long-term disabilities as a result, they deserve to receive fair compensation and health coverage.

Workers' compensation provides a couple of benefits that are essential for those hurt on the job. Those benefits include:

  • Payments for lost wages
  • Vocational assistance and training
  • Medical coverage

These are the most common workplace injuries

Workplace safety has come a long way. Gone are the days when people expected to regularly risk life and limb on the worksite. Even though state and federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration do all they can to reduce injuries at work, accidents still happen.

In 2017 alone, there were 882,730 workplace injuries that resulted in days away from work. Laborers and material movers had the most on-the-job injuries, followed closely by tractor-trailer drivers, janitors, nursing assistants and repair workers. The follwing are some of the most common injuries in the workplace.

Construction workers most likely to suffer electrocution

Power tools and heavy machinery make your construction job much easier. It’s nice to let the machines do the hard work—especially compared to doing it with just your muscles.

Modern technology may make manual labor somewhat easier, but it also brings new dangers. The electrical equipment you use also has a chance of shocking you.

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