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Seek medical care to get the right documentation for a settlement

Personal injuries range in severity. Some people struggle with injuries that leave them disabled. Others suffer injuries that are invisible but affect them every day.

No matter what kind of personal injury you suffer, you deserve a fair shot at compensation. If you are hurt in a crash, for example, the person who causes that collision should be held liable for your injuries. If you are hurt on another person's property, they should be held liable for not making their property safer.

How can you drive safely in poor winter weather conditions?

When winter hits in Hollidaysburg, there's no escaping it. Snow piles up, and it's hazardous to be out on the roads. People in Hollidaysburg aren't strangers to snow or ice, but that doesn't mean that you can afford to be too casual about the poor weather conditions. If you have to drive, you need to take steps to make sure you stay safe.

To be better prepared for winter driving, the first step is to make sure you pack your vehicle with safety kits. Bring bandages, food, water, warming blankets and other essentials, so that you can take care of yourself if you get stranded. Always check the weather before you go out to decide if you need to bring more items with you.

Man attacks woman and her vehicle in DUI case

Injuries can happen in many ways, like in this case where a woman was injured when she was assaulted by an allegedly intoxicated man. The man, who is from Hanover, was arrested after allegedly striking a vehicle, smashing the window of a vehicle and assaulting a woman.

He now faces seven counts for crimes such as second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and the destruction of property. He received a single citation for failing to stop after getting into a crash, as well.

Avoid a commercial collision as Interstate 99 welcomes trucks

If you live in Hollidaysburg, then you may have known that there was a ban on commercial vehicles on Interstate 99. The ban had previously been implemented throughout Bedford, Centre and Blair Countries. That ban was lifted, and the 45-mph speed limit was also lifted.

As someone who does not enjoy driving alongside commercial vehicles, this might seem frustrating, since it does mean that larger commercial vehicles will again be on the interstate. While that's the case, it's still possible to protect yourself even if these vehicles are present.

Let workers' compensation take care of you after an injury

Workers' compensation is an important protection for people who work for employers. This compensation is a type of insurance that covers those who get hurt on the job due to a variety of reasons.

In most cases, workers' compensation will cover medical care, lost wages and even help people study and learn a new skill and job if they cannot return to the one they had before due to their injuries. This is a huge benefit to workers.

Every driver has a responsibility to help end distracted driving

Distracted driving is a problem throughout the United States. According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving caused over 3,400 deaths in 2016. As a testament to the prevalence of this dangerous habit, the National Transportation Safety Board listed “eliminate distractions” as one of the top safety improvements it wants to see between 2019 and 2020.

Almost anything can be a driving distraction

How much is a personal injury claim worth?

You were attempting to cross the street when a vehicle came flying through the intersection. You had no chance to get out of the way, and you ended up involved in a pedestrian accident.

You know from the diagnoses that you received that you are going to have months, if not years, of recovery ahead of you between the head injuries, broken bones and spinal wounds. You need to know that the other party is going to be held accountable for those expenses, but will you be able to get everything you need?

Crash victims: Uninsured drivers and your rights

Car crashes are a leading cause of injuries in the United States. They happen every day, and they may involve you or those you love. Personal injury cases are common after crashes, especially when a driver doesn't have insurance to cover your injuries.

It is devastating to find out that someone who hit you with their vehicle doesn't have the appropriate coverage for your injuries or the damage to your personal items. While you may have medical insurance and your own uninsured insurance coverage, it doesn't make you feel better to know they're not paying for the damage they've caused.

Whiplash worries: Get medical care for a better prognosis

Whiplash is an injury that often takes place in car crashes. It's most common in front-end or rear-end collisions since the head and neck move forward and back quickly.

Whiplash occurs because the structures within the normal curve of the neck are strained. The head extends too far forward and too far back in some cases. This injures the joints in the neck and causes strain, tears and other damage.

Police officer struck on way to work in Pennsylvania

When police are on the job, they're constantly in danger. There is always a threat that they'll be shot at, hit by a vehicle or otherwise put in danger. In most cases, it's simply a matter of time before an officer suffers a work-related injury.

When an officer does get hurt, they usually have a right to workers' compensation to cover their financial needs. They are also typically entitled to additional benefits that can help them recover.

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