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Crash victims: Uninsured drivers and your rights

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Car crashes are a leading cause of injuries in the United States. They happen every day, and they may involve you or those you love. Personal injury cases are common after crashes, especially when a driver doesn’t have insurance to cover your injuries.

It is devastating to find out that someone who hit you with their vehicle doesn’t have the appropriate coverage for your injuries or the damage to your personal items. While you may have medical insurance and your own uninsured insurance coverage, it doesn’t make you feel better to know they’re not paying for the damage they’ve caused.

What can you do to hold a driver liable for the damage and injuries they caused in a crash?

One thing you can do is to talk to your attorney about the situation. In many cases, you can file a civil lawsuit against the driver to seek compensation from them directly. If the driver has assets or is wealthy, this can work out in your favor. However, if the driver has no way to pay you, you still may end up with little compensation despite a court order.

What can you do to protect yourself against uninsured drivers?

The best thing to do is to have uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. This is an additional piece of insurance coverage that you can buy that will give you the security of knowing that you’re covered in the case that someone without insurance hits you. That way, you can relax knowing that you can file a claim with your insurance and get what you deserve to get better.

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