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Scars or disfigurement have a profound impact on your life

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Personal injuries come in many forms, but among the most traumatic are those that change your appearance. Whether it’s scarring from burns or a disfiguration of another kind, having to live with an appearance you’re not comfortable with is difficult.

As a result of disfigurement, you may be depressed, anxious or struggle to cope with your sense of identity. It’s important for you to understand that it’s reasonable and expected to feel sad over your injuries. It’s normal to feel grief over the loss of what you looked like before or the things you used to be able to do that you now cannot.

It’s safe to say that disfigurement has a profound impact on victims both psychologically and physically. A patient might deal with pain and irritation, infections and other complications. They may also suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, anger and other psychological concerns.

As someone who has been hurt and suffered from scarring or disfigurement, you should know that you can pursue a claim for the support you need to handle this difficult time in your life. You may be uncomfortable with working or unable to return to work, may require multiple surgeries or have other challenges to face. The financial support you need to do all of that may be possible through a personal injury claim.

When you speak with your attorney, make sure you discuss the impact that scars or disfigurement are having on your life so that they can appeal to the other party’s insurance carrier or the other party directly for a fair settlement. When you’ve suffered and bear the scars, it is only reasonable to expect compensation.

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