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Head-on collision in Pennsylvania under investigation

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When police respond to the scene of an accident, their first concern is whether anyone was hurt. They will also want to know who or what may have caused the accident. Sometimes, a Pennsylvania collision initially results in more questions than answers, which prompts an investigation that can last days, weeks or even months. A recent crash in Susquehanna Township sent two people to the hospital and prompted an investigation that is still active at this time.

Just before 1 p.m. on a recent Thursday a head-on collision occurred on a local street. A Toyota Camry and a Honda SUV collided, resulting in injuries to both drivers. While preliminary investigations were conducted and debris was cleared from the roadway, traffic delays and shutdowns lasted for more than 90 minutes following the crash.

Rescue workers transported both drivers to an area hospital. As is common following a collision on a busy road, police have provided a phone number to the public, requesting that anyone who witnessed the collision to come forward with information that may be helpful to the police investigation. No additional information was provided as to the conditions of those involved in the head-on crash or whether any traffic citations or formal charges were issued.

Head-on collisions often result in fatalities or severe injuries. Such incidents often lead to litigation when a recovering accident victim or immediate family member of a deceased victim seeks compensation for damages against anyone deemed responsible for the collision. Anyone considering a claim can reach out for legal support by requesting a meeting with an experienced personal injury law attorney.

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