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What prompts Pennsylvania juveniles to drink?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Underage drinking is problematic in Pennsylvania and many other states. There are numerous reasons why juveniles engage in such activity even if they know it is unlawful to do so. If an underage driver faces DUI charges or another criminal charge, it can have a ripple effect in his or her life, perhaps leading to loss of a job, college scholarships and more.

Juveniles often say they started drinking alcohol to escape family problems at home. This is reportedly one of the most common reasons underage girls give when asked why they drink. Both females and males report anincrease of likelihood toward underage drinking if they come from homes where they are frequently exposed to adults who drink a lot.

Many juveniles say drinking alcohol helps them feel more comfortable in social settings. Many underage drinkers also say they felt pressured by their peers to consume alcohol and gave into it in order to fit in with a particular crowd. Teenagers who drink often suffer negative consequences, such as pregnancy, poor grades and low self-esteem.

Juveniles who drink alcohol are often at risk for assault. Many teens wind up getting behind the wheel of a car to drive, then are taken into police custody after getting pulled over in a traffic stop. Facing DUI charges in a Pennsylvania court as a juvenile can be devastating, not only for the defendants in question but for their parents or guardians as well. Juveniles have rights just like adults, which is why it is a good idea to reach out for immediate legal support if someone who is underage is arrested and charged with an alcohol-related crime.

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