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It’s never too soon to start sorting out your summer custody plans with your ex

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Family Law |

Some people like to be spontaneous, pack their bags and head out on a road trip on a whim, while others like to take time and iron out all the details before eventually making any concrete plans. Co-parents don’t often have the luxury of dwelling on their plans. They may lose their opportunity to petition their ex for special arrangements necessary to accommodate their vacation plans if they do.

Making your child’s best interests a focal point when making plans

While you likely have your ideas about where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do during your vacation, it may be beneficial to discuss any preferences that your child might have as well. You may find that your child prefers to stay close to home or attend camp instead of heading out on an extravagant vacation. You might find that your ex has similar plans and want to avoid duplicating them.

You should focus on making the time your kids spend with you memorable. If you do something more aligned with what your son or daughter wants, then it’s likely to leave a more lasting impression on your child’s life.

Flexibility is important

Initiating discussions about dates you plan to head out and what you plan to do early on reduces the chances that conflict will arise. Some parenting coordinators recommend that co-parents initiate such discussions as early as January.

Parenting coordinators also emphasize that co-parents need to be flexible in scheduling with one another. They note that this means you two may have to switch a few days or exchange a week to allow your child to enjoy a new experience when the opportunity presents itself. You should be respectful of each other’s time and rights and not make last-minute demands or switch times unless it’s essential, though.

It’s ideal if both of you can set aside your differences and put your child first when making plans for them this summer here in Pennsylvania. A family law attorney can help.

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