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What expenses can child support cover?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Family Law |

Many individuals are aware of what child support’s purpose is. It helps ensure that both parents equitably share the costs associated with raising their child.

There is one detail that parents often wonder about with child support, though. That is what expenses they can use child support funds for. You may find it helpful to learn what those are.

What are considered basic necessities?

Lawmakers instituted child support laws to ensure that parents can cover everyday needs, including food, clothing and shelter. The “shelter” costs may not only include a portion of your mortgage or rent but also associated insurance, property tax, utility bills, internet and phone service.

Some jurisdictions consider educational expenses, including college tuition, transportation, extracurricular activities, medical costs and child care, to be basic necessities covered by child support. Medical costs may include anything from health insurance to dental and vision needs. Educational expenses that may be coverable by child support include school uniforms, lunch money, textbooks and field trips.

Day care, nanny or babysitter services may all fall under the umbrella of child care expenses that you may be able to pay for with child support. You should account for how these costs may significantly increase during school breaks, holidays and the summer when calculating the amount you’re seeking.

You may also be able to apply any child support you receive to transportation costs associated with getting your child to and from school and extracurricular activities. Car repairs and loan payments, vehicle registration and insurance costs and gas are just some of the many expenses you may apply child support to. You may also request child support to cover your child’s car service, bus or train travel as well.

Raising a child can be a costly endeavor. Your attorney might recommend that you keep a log of your expenditures to aid in determining how much child support to request.

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