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Dealing with holiday loneliness post-divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Family Law |

The holidays can get quite lonely if you are newly divorced. The fact that you are no longer surrounded by your family may take the joy out of the festive period. However, life has to move on, and you may need to find new ways of having a positive experience despite your current situation.

Accepting reality is probably the best place to start. It may come with a flurry of emotions such as feeling angry or regretful but sticking to the past will not help. Instead, focus on the present with renewed vigor and a sense of optimism that things will get better along the way.

Do not isolate yourself

Many newly divorced people tend to keep to themselves, probably in a bid to numb their emotional pain. However, given that you may be at your most vulnerable emotionally,  it is not good for your mental wellbeing if you isolate yourself.

Turn to your close family or friends for company or, better yet, join a support group for people in a similar situation. Chances are that you will find insightful ways of coping with life ahead from people who have been in your position.

Start a new routine

While it is normal to feel disoriented following a divorce, sticking to family traditions may only evoke memories from the past. Establishing a new routine will help you ease into your new life and give you some sense of independence.

Above all, be good to yourself. Avoid self-neglect and take care of yourself during this difficult period. Your mental and physical health should take priority over everything else. Remember, this may be your chance to reinvent yourself and live the best years of your life. It all boils down to how you deal with your divorce and react to situations along the way.

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