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3 reasons couples settle property division matters out of court

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce |

Many couples will go to great lengths to try to avoid litigation when they divorce. Collaborative divorce may help these couples settle their property division issues outside of court.

What are some of the reasons that many people prefer to reach an out-of-court agreement when dividing assets and debts?

They are unwilling to compromise on certain matters

When someone has a very firm boundary for property division matters, having a judge settle everything likely won’t be the best solution. After all, the judge is the one with the final say in litigated property division matters. If there’s a goal that matters more to you than anything else, settling outside of court may give you a better chance of achieving that goal, especially if you are willing to compromise in

They want to keep their costs low

Divorce can be very expensive, and the more time you spend in the courtroom, the higher the price tag will likely be. Settling outside of court means an uncontested filing, which could save you and your spouse thousands of dollars.

They want their privacy

If you and your spouse can reach agreements through a collaborative divorce without having to ask a judge to weigh in, you will have much more privacy to discuss your wishes and the issues from your marriage. Only the terms you set will go before a judge, not the details of how you reached that point.

Learning the reasons why some divorcing couples decide property division matters instead of litigating them can help you determine if this would be the better approach for you.

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