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For Estate Planning, There Is No “One Size Fits All”

No two families are the same. Your family deserves a personal approach to your future. We know that helping to preserve the estate assets of a homestead in Woodbury is just as important as setting up the right business succession plan for the owner of a family business in Altoona. Estate planning isn’t just about making sure the right people receive the right things. It is about making sure that your loved ones are protected from the devastating effects of probate court decisions, inheritance taxes, nursing home admissions and unforeseen disputes upon your death.

Choosing A Will Or A Trust

Part of our commitment to you and your family is making sure you have all the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your family. A well-informed decision prevents long, expensive litigation later and lets your family focus on thriving.

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As a highlight about the general differences between a will and a trust, you should know:

  • Wills are one of the best options for establishing guardianship for children. Trusts cannot do this task.
  • Wills can do relatively straightforward allocations quickly, but are subject to probate; nonetheless, probate is not an expensive process in Pennsylvania.
  • A trust can provide protection for certain vulnerable family members such as disabled children or those who have difficulty managing money.
  • A trust can be used to shield assets from the government and can be in operation during your lifetime.

There are many reasons to choose an estate plan strategy. After 60 years in business and with combined 150 years of experience, our attorneys are prepared for your estate planning needs.

What To Do When Conflict Arises

We can also help your family deal with the probate law issues that may arise following the death of the estate holder. Your attorney at Evey Black Attorneys LLC will work closely with you to represent your interests in probate court. We handle every legal detail, including probate, assisting in the transfer of assets, working with creditors, preparing inheritance tax returns, working to resolve disputes among beneficiaries and handling the details of any contractual obligations that might be outstanding. Our lawyers know that what you need most following the death of a loved one is compassion, responsiveness to your needs, and the time to grieve and heal. We handle the estate details so you can focus on your family’s needs.

We Can Help Protect Your Legacy And Your Loved Ones. Contact Us Today.

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