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Why You Should File For Workers’ Compensation And Why You Need An Attorney

A lot of people are afraid to file for workers’ compensation. It is understandable. You may be scared that your injury is not “bad enough” or that your work will see you as a liability rather than a value to their company. But, you need to file your claim. Here is why.

Filing for workers’ compensation is one of the fastest ways to protect your finances.

For many of us, especially those working in industries where manual labor is routine, we cannot afford major unexpected bills. Medical bills are one of the biggest sources of debt in our country and are well-known for causing families huge financial strife. If you are injured at work, filing for compensation is one of the best ways to offset those bills and keep your finances under control. Workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses and the time you need off work to heal.

People Often Wonder

Can your employer hold your workers’ compensation claim against you?

The answer is absolutely not. Your company provides workers’ compensation because it is a legal requirement. They have to provide workers’ compensation in the same way that they have to provide health care options for you.

Your employer is not allowed to discourage you from filing, to hold your claim against you or to retaliate for your claim.

How An Attorney Works For You

When you are injured at work and are about to file for workers’ compensation, hiring a lawyer is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only can a legal team make sure you are getting the best outcomes and covering all your medical needs, but also is able to defend your rights as an employee. Evey Black Attorneys LLC makes sure your employer takes your claim seriously and does not pressure to return to work before you are ready.

Our commitment to Pennsylvania’s workers is a commitment to you and our community. We always treat you with respect and dignity. For legal aid with over half-century of experience, call us at 814-317-6914. We do not get paid unless you get a settlement. Schedule your appointment today.