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What Is A Work-Related Injury?

You are working hard day in and day out. You are not scared of lifting boxes or getting dirty. But, if you are working in a highly physical field, like hospitals, trucking, construction and manufacturing, you stand a good chance of getting hurt.

Work injuries come in many forms and range from catastrophic workplace accidents to repetitive stress injuries. Many workers suffer from injuries caused by lifting heavy objects or from using heavy machinery. Eligible injuries include:

• Bone fractures

• Joint, muscle and soft tissue injuries

• Back injuries

• Surgery and amputation

• Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including spinal injury

Whatever the circumstances that led to your pain, if you are injured at work or due to your job duties, you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Treat yourself with the kind of care you want your loved ones to have. Hire an attorney to make sure your workers’ comp claim is taking care of your needs in full.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Do For Me?

Workers’ compensation can provide for you and your family during a time when you are unable to work. It can provide for your medical bills, physical therapy, adaptive aids and prosthetics. Moreover, your workers’ compensation claim can cover your family’s legal expenses and provide compensation for your lost wages.

If you are injured while driving somewhere for your work, you may be eligible for both workers’ compensation and a third-party insurance claim. Meet with an attorney to find out more.

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