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Taking The Best Care Of You And Your Loved Ones As You Age

Everyone should plan for their care as they get older. Different options are available depending on what stage of life you are at and what assets you have. Whether you are middle-aged and seeking to protect and preserve your assets for your children, are facing an imminent nursing home admission or have already been admitted to a nursing home and need help understanding what assets you can protect or how best to “spend down” those assets and maximize your resources, Evey Black Attorneys LLC can help.

Please call our office at 814-317-6914. You can also set up your appointment by completing our contact form online. If you suffer from limited mobility, please ask about arranging for home or hospital appointments.

Protecting Your Assets As A Nursing Home Resident

The need for nursing home placement of a loved one can be a stressful process for the family. Questions arise concerning protection of assets, appropriate transfers of assets and payment for care. Medicaid has many confusing rules and requirements. We can help you understand this process and protect your hard-earned money. Whether planning for the future or facing an imminent nursing home admission, let us help you maximize your assets and income.

A Medicaid trust can shield assets and prevent them from being “available” to a nursing home. Other planning techniques may involve gifts and other asset transfers. The lawyers at Evey Black Attorneys LLC understand the difficult Medicaid transfer rules and penalties and can assist you so that you don’t jeopardize your eligibility for medical assistance when it’s needed most.

The rules are different for those who are married versus those who are single. We can help to maximize the resources and income needed for a spouse at home when the other spouse requires a skilled nursing home admission. And we can provide you with Medicaid planning guidance and money-saving suggestions that nursing homes do not always give you.

Our Lawyers Are Your Trusted Neighbors

For more than 60 years, our firm has been a trusted presence in Pennsylvania. We treat you with care and compassion. Your loved one’s care and your family’s legacy are on the line. Our attorneys will always make sure you consider all the options, whether you are setting up a trust, establishing medical and care needs or looking for durable power of attorney.