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Getting divorced? Be careful what you post on social media.

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In today’s world, social media is a major way we tell our friends and family about what is going on in our lives. A divorce is one of the more impactful events that can happen in your life. So, when going through a divorce, you may be drawn to post about it in social media. However, it can be very important to tread carefully on social media when ending a marriage.

Three common divorce social media mistakes

For one, there are various social media mistakes it can be important to avoid when getting divorced. An AdWeek article pointed out three common mistakes:

  • Oversharing about the divorce in your posts.
  • Posting things aimed at making your ex look bad,
  • Posting things that could reflect poorly on you and could be used against you by your ex.

The potential costs of social media mistakes when getting divorced

Why can avoiding these mistakes be so critical? Such missteps on social media could make life much more difficult for a divorcing individual. For example, they could:

  • Attract unwanted or unhelpful advice
  • Make private matters connected to a divorce much more public than a couple would want
  • Deteriorate lines of communication between ex-spouses. This could make working together on things like raising the kids harder.
  • Put a person at a disadvantage in legal matters in the divorce by giving his or her ex damaging material that could potentially be used in divorce proceedings

Think before posting

So, when considering posting about your divorce on social media, it can be important to think carefully about whether the post could hurt your goals related to the divorce. This underscores a common theme in divorces, which is the importance of staying focused on your goals and future.

What rules of thumb would you give for social media use for divorcing individuals?

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