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Issues faced by older people who divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Family Law |

People of any age in Pennsylvania who get divorced must deal with numerous issues, but those who are older may face special problems. It is important for individuals who are near retirement age or past it to carefully consider the pros and cons of getting divorced before they proceed.

When people file for divorce after they have retired, they may be left facing dire financial circumstances. They will have to divide their retirement accounts and other assets with their spouses, and both parties may be left living under difficult circumstances during their remaining years. When people choose to divorce near retirement age, they may be unable to retire when they planned to and may have to continue working beyond when they intended.

Older people who get divorced also may want to consider how their divorce may impact their social support structures. When couples split up, it is common for friends to choose sides. This means that people who are suddenly single may find that they do not have a strong support network in place. Newly single older people also may feel reticent to socialize with friends that are married.

Due to the number of years during which older couples have accumulated wealth, they may face the types of complex property division issues that are common in high-asset divorces. People who decide to proceed with divorce might benefit by talking to family law attorneys. Lawyers may help their clients weigh the pros and cons of going through with a divorce. If their clients still wish to do so, an attorney may advise them about the potential financial impacts and work to protect them from future issues. In some cases, a lawyer might be able to negotiate full settlement agreements that allow their clients avoid the expenses and bitterness that might come with court litigation.

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