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Why people may get divorced in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Estate Planning |

When Pennsylvanians get married, they likely do so without considering the fact that their marriages might later end in divorce. Unfortunately, many couples do eventually divorce. Research has demonstrated that there are several common reasons that cause couples to end their marriages.

According to Business Insider, the top cause cited by people for their divorces is infidelity. Some couples are able to work through infidelity and save their marriages with counseling, but many are simply unable to overcome it. Substance abuse is also often cited by people who get divorced as the reason that their marriages ended. Not being committed to working through issues that arise in marriages may also contribute to divorces.

Many couples cite the frequency of their arguments as a contributing factor, and others state that they simply grew apart over time. Financial problems are often named as a reason for divorces. People should make certain that they understand everything about their prospective spouses’ finances before they tie the knot. Finally, some individuals state that they got married when they were too young. Research demonstrates that people who marry when they are very young are more likely to divorce. People who get married after their 30s are also likelier to get divorced.

People may want to get divorced for a variety of different reasons. No matter what the causes might be, they may benefit by talking about their cases with experienced family law attorneys. Lawyers might review the related legal issues and advise their clients about the most appropriate way to proceed. In many cases, experienced attorneys may be able to help their clients to reach full agreements to settle all of the outstanding issues with which they may have to contend during their divorces. If it is not possible to reach agreements, lawyers may litigate for their clients by going to trial.

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