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Guiding children through a Pennsylvania divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Family Law |

Pennsylvania parents often worry about the effects of divorce on their children. This is understandable as it’s difficult to guide kids through a separation and the negative feelings that come along with the process. Therefore, family therapists caution parents not to conduct themselves in certain ways that could confuse children or make them feel caught between their parents. They also recommend a few actions parents can take to help children transitioning to life after divorce.

Parents who are dealing with their own feelings of anger, regret or jealousy may find it difficult to refrain from disparaging their ex-spouse. Furthermore, many parents rely on their children to communicate with their ex instead of talking to that parent themselves. This can make children feel as though they must pick a side.

Complex family law cases can be simplified when parents work together to look out for the best interests of the children involved. Collaboration is particularly important during a time when a child’s life seems to be in upheaval. Keeping similar house rules gives children consistency and minimizes their opportunity to use guilt or manipulate their situation to get what they want. Parents can also encourage a good relationship between a child and the other parent.

Ex-spouses who are dealing with spousal or child support issues often struggle with balancing a child’s needs for love with the practical aspects of divorce proceedings. Family law attorneys helping clients through difficult situations like this may recommend mediation or collaborative divorce, which fosters cooperation between parents during the separation process.

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