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Class-action lawsuit calls electric scooter companies negligent

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Companies offering transportation services with dockless electric scooters promote these devices as cheap and efficient ways for city dwellers to get around. However, scooters also present safety hazards to people in Pennsylvania. A class-action lawsuit filed on the West Coast on behalf of people who have suffered scooter-related injuries details a long list of complaints.

The lawsuit accuses Bird, Lime and their manufacturers of gross negligence. According to the court filings, the defendants inflicted injury or property damage on scooter riders, pedestrians and other members of the public. Plaintiffs attributed their broken bones, facial cuts, torn ligaments and dental damage to accidents with scooters. Their injuries arose from tripping over scooters left on the ground, riding scooters or being struck by scooter drivers. The lawsuit calls upon scooter companies to increase their warning messages and improve safety.

A representative from Lime could not offer specific comments about the lawsuit but insisted that safety was a priority for the company. It has recently enhanced the safety features on its scooters. Bird put out a statement that emphasized the greater threat presented by motor vehicles.

A high-profile personal injury case like this one highlights the role that manufacturers and service providers play in consumer safety. Companies have a legal responsibility to produce safe products. A person injured by a product might want the assistance of an attorney when filing a claim for damages against a large company. An attorney could collect evidence to support the person’s injury claim and file the necessary court papers. The insights of an attorney might prove useful if the victim receives a pretrial settlement offer. An attorney could offer advice about whether the offer is adequate or litigation should continue.

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