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Man attacks woman and her vehicle in DUI case

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Injuries can happen in many ways, like in this case where a woman was injured when she was assaulted by an allegedly intoxicated man. The man, who is from Hanover, was arrested after allegedly striking a vehicle, smashing the window of a vehicle and assaulting a woman.

He now faces seven counts for crimes such as second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and the destruction of property. He received a single citation for failing to stop after getting into a crash, as well.

Troopers responded to the report that a man from Pennsylvania had asked a woman to pick him up after he caused a crash. She went to get him in a senior center parking lot, where she discovered that he was under the influence. She reported that they argued, which led to her threatening to call the police.

The man then became upset and tried to take her phone while striking her face and head. He also threw her phone in an attempt to break it. He went on to smash the window of the woman’s vehicle. Inside the vehicle, a child was waiting. Both the mother and child went into the senior center to wait for help.

After this, the man allegedly fled the scene in the woman’s vehicle. The woman suffered injuries to her face, eye and cheek. When called to return, the man did. That’s when it was discovered that he was under parole in Pennsylvania.

Instances like this are terrifying for the victims. What is an attempt to be a good Samaritan goes awry in some situations, leading to injuries.

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