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Worker suffers extreme crushing injuries in roller accident

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There are many workplaces that are known to be dangerous. By nature, certain industries are more dangerous than others. For example, the coal-mining industry has a relatively high chance of having workers who come into contact with hazards on a daily basis.

For that reason, some facilities make sure that workers have first-responder training. Having someone on site who can provide emergency care could be the difference between life and death for people who are hurt on the job.

In a horrifying situation in a workplace in Home City, a man was severely injured when his hand became trapped in a 13,000-pound roller. According to the April 2 news report, the man was working at the Homer City Generating Station when he suffered the severe injury.

The authorities were called at approximately 8:00 a.m., after the man’s hand became lodged in the coal-crushing roller. His hand and arm suffered extreme crushing injuries, according to the second assistant fire chief. The man had to be flown to a trauma center for medical care.

What was fortunate in this situation was that the man’s co-workers were nearby and ready to help. They quickly rescued him from the machine. The co-workers were also plant-employed first responders, which meant that the man received care immediately following the incident.

The man who suffered the severe injuries was taken to Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown, but his condition was not released following his admission.

It’s good news that this man will survive. It’s important to remember that cases like this are rare, but when they do happen, workers’ compensation should be there to provide for the worker and their family.

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