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Hurt? Here’s what you can expect

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Workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania is a necessity. It protects workers who get hurt on the job from having to pay their own medical costs. It also helps them avoid having to pay for vocational rehabilitation. If they remain off work for several days, then workers’ compensation will begin to pay them a portion of their lost wages as well.

Employers are required to have workers’ compensation for their employees. Failing to do so is a violation of state law except for in a few exceptions. Exemptions from workers’ compensation are available for longshoremen, federal employees, domestic servants and some other specific positions.

What happens if an employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation?

If an employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation when they’re supposed to, they can be sued by their employees and may face criminal prosecution by the state. The fines can be high, making it a safer choice for employers to have the insurance the state requires them to purchase.

Are you covered for injuries if they happen on the first day of work?

There are cases of extremely unlucky people who have been hurt on the first day on the job. The good news is that workers’ compensation coverage begins the moment you are employed. Additionally, if you develop an injury or disease after you leave the job but can link it to your employment, you may still be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are hurt as a result of your job, workers’ compensation is there for you. Make your claim, and do all you can to state your case.

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