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What are vocational benefits, training and rehabilitation?

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Workers’ compensation benefits provide the necessary support for those who are hurt on the job. Whether they’re temporarily impacted by their injuries or have long-term disabilities as a result, they deserve to receive fair compensation and health coverage.

Workers’ compensation provides a couple of benefits that are essential for those hurt on the job. Those benefits include:

  • Payments for lost wages
  • Vocational assistance and training
  • Medical coverage

Each of these is important, but vocational training is a benefit that is often overlooked. It can be the difference between being able to go back to work or having to remain on disability.

Vocational training after an injury will focus on what you can do and what you cannot do. It will take into consideration the abilities you have now instead of relying on what you could do in the past to determine your best-suited job. For example, if you lost your arm in a workplace accident, it would be unlikely that you could continue working as a typist. Instead, you might begin working as a host or secretary who can greet people as they arrive at the company, allowing you to take notes at slower speeds and helping you interact with others in a manner you’re able to do so comfortably.

Vocational rehabilitation training does also consider what you want to do and how you may be able to fit back into your work environment. If you cannot go back to the same job, there may be assistance to help you find a different position somewhere else. This is why vocational benefits are so essential to people like yourself. Your attorney can help ensure you get the assistance you need.

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