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How do you link your injury to work?

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Sometimes, employees who get hurt on the job don’t want to admit to their injuries at work. They may think it’s a matter of pride because they made a stupid mistake that led to an injury, or they may feel that it’s not serious enough to report.

If you are hurt at work, you need to report the injury. No matter how minor it seems, it is a good idea to let someone know that you’ve been hurt. That way, if the injury worsens or requires medical care, you’ve already started the process for workers’ compensation.

Why is it a good idea to report minor injuries on the job?

Minor injuries add up. It’s always a smart idea to have your employer note the date and time when you were injured, even if you don’t decide to pursue workers’ compensation or seek treatment. If you are exposed to chemicals or dangerous toxins but don’t seek treatment, you can also have the date and time noted. Why? Some injuries can suddenly cause problems days, weeks or years later. You need to make sure that you have a paper trail linking your injury to your work.

Can you report psychological injuries?

People are sometimes under the inaccurate impression that they can’t report stress-related injuries, either. The reality is that those who suffer trauma at work or have an emergence of serious mental-health issues as a result of their job can also seek workers’ compensation.

Regardless of the injury, it’s important for you to let your employer know and to seek workers’ compensation. Even if you only seek one visit to a medical provider, workers’ compensation should cover it.

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