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Worker dies from blunt-force injuries in Pennsylvania accident

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People working in construction are at a higher risk of suffering serious injuries or death than people who work in many other fields, primarily because of the nature of their jobs. Although steps may be taken to make a construction site safer, there is always going to be a risk of individuals suffering injuries or dying as a result of working with dangerous machinery or tools.

Take, for example, this story right here in our state. In a tragic accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, one employee was killed in a construction accident. According to the news report, the employee was working for a sub-contractor or contractor in the construction zone.

The man, 69, died as a result of blunt force injuries, according to the Montgomery County coroner’s office. It’s believed that the death was accidental. The worker had not been hit by a vehicle on the turnpike, as police reported that no other workers were impacted and that it was a construction-related incident.

Accidents like this can leave families and loved ones of the deceased blindsided. That’s why workers’ compensation also provides death benefits to the victims’ families. Death benefits can help cover the costs associated with funerals, medical care and other final expenses.

Losing a loved one in a situation like this is sudden and disrupting to your life. If you lose someone in a construction accident, it’s good to take time to mourn. Your attorney can help by filing the claim for your family and working with the workers’ compensation insurance company to make sure you get all the benefits to which you’re entitled.

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