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Yes, you can appeal if your workers’ compensation is denied

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When you’re hurt while working, one of the last things you’d expect is for your workers’ compensation claim to be denied. They do get denied, however, because of many different causes. For example, you might not turn in the claim on time, or there might not be enough evidence of your injury to make the workers’ compensation insurance company happy to pay out.

As someone who is hurt and who needs support during this difficult time, it’s essential that you make sure you appeal any denial you receive. You should take it to your attorney immediately so that you can begin working on an appeal right away.

How can an attorney help with your workers’ compensation claim?

Your attorney will focus on the reason for the denial and work with you to appeal that denial decision. For example, if the reason you were denied is that you didn’t provide enough evidence for the claim, your attorney can help you submit an appeal with the appropriate paperwork, photographs or medical documents that you need to get the appeal overturned.

If you are denied for other reasons, like your employer denying that you were hurt on the job, your attorney can help address that also, making sure that you show the insurance company how you were hurt on the job and that you should qualify for compensation.

Our site has more on workers’ compensation and how you can appeal if you had your claim denied. You deserve better treatment if you’re hurt on the job, so make sure you don’t give up on your claim.

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