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Get your workers’ compensation after any workplace injury

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Workers’ compensation can be a huge benefit for those who are hurt when they’re on the job. Whether you’re new to the job or have been working with a company for many years, it’s important that you get coverage if you get hurt.

Workers’ compensation kicks in the moment you start working for a company. If you get hurt in the first minute on the job, it should still cover your injuries. No employer should deny you the right to file a claim if you are hurt on the job, even if you’re a new employee.

Long-term employees also have the right to file for workers’ compensation if they’re hurt. Perhaps you have an injury that developed over time or you were injured as a result of a new employee making a mistake; Whatever happened, you should be given the opportunity to file a claim right away.

What do you do after you’re hurt on the job?

After you’re hurt, call 911 or talk to your employer about going to an urgent care right away. Your employer should not ask you to work until the end of your shift or to wait to seek care. Get the help you need immediately.

After you get medical care, you should keep the documentation from the medical office or hospital. This should be turned in with your claim, so you can ask for compensation and to begin your other workers’ compensation benefits. Your attorney can help if your employer is not cooperating or if your workers’ compensation is denied due to mistakes or other issues.

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