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Lightning is a danger to people working during storms

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Summer storms can make even the easiest outdoor job a threat to your safety. Imagine working on a golf course, for example. You might be assigned to take care of the greens or deliver drinks to patrons. The area is large and flat, though, so if a storm is nearby, a single lightning strike could put an end to your positive day.

Lightning is something everyone should understand well if they have to be exposed to the elements without shelter. Did you know that there is no truly safe place to be outside if a thunderstorm is present? If you can hear thunder, lightning is also close enough to strike. That lightning could hit you, if you’re the object with the best conductivity.

Where should you wait out a lightning storm?

If there is no shelter nearby, the first goal is to get below the shelter of trees or other tall items. Lightning tends to hit the tallest items first.

It’s suggested that you take cover in a car, truck or pavilion; Anything with a roof or metal that could help pull a lightning strike away from you is beneficial. Concrete is still hazardous; lightning can travel through the metal wires and bars in the flooring and walls, potentially electrocuting you. Try to stay in a wooden structure, since wood conducts less energy than concrete.

Finally, get away from electrical items and water. The best way to avoid electrocution is to avoid working outdoors in a storm. Lightning can still strike inside, so stay away from outlets, sinks and metal so that you’re as safe as possible.

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