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You can claim workers’ compensation for heat stroke

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When you’re hurt on the job, there should be no question that you have the right to workers’ compensation. It is designed to be a safety net for employees who are hurt. They deserve to seek that compensation and receive support while recovering from their injuries.

One of the conditions that can lead to injuries in the summer is the heat. Even in Pennsylvania, the heat waves that pass through the area are enough to leave workers exhausted from being outside, even in the shade. That’s why it’s essential that employers take the weather conditions outside into consideration before having employees working in the elements. Direct sunlight and heat are both a threat to employees, who could develop health problems as a result.

High temperatures can lead to health problems including:

  • Heat stroke
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat sickness
  • Heat-related heart attacks
  • Dehydration

Each of these conditions can be serious or even fatal without appropriate treatment. That’s why employers need to have a plan to help workers stay hydrated and to give them enough rest in hot weather.

Did you know that heat stroke is most likely to affect people such as athletes and outdoor workers?

Those who exert themselves in high temperatures are at the greatest risk of suffering from heat-related illnesses. If you have to work outside or in high temperatures, do your best to rest when you need to and to drink water regularly. Not doing so could set you up for serious health complications.

If you suffer from a heat-related illness as a result of your work environment, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits.

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