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Spinal injuries on the job can result in disability and pain

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One of the hardest things about a spinal cord injury (SCI) is that it can be hard to return to work. You may have chronic pain, difficulty with rehabilitation and trouble finding or maintaining a job. You could have weakness, dysfunction or other problems that make it hard to work, and that’s a real problem when your goal is to do so.

Work is an essential part of life, not just for the purposes of making money and receiving benefits, but also because it gives people a chance to interact with one another and improve their self-esteem. Having the ability to work removed from your life can be devastating.

Spinal injury-related disabilities don’t have to result in a life without a job

Many people with SCIs go to work and can handle physical tasks. However, they may need some accommodations, such as a place to sit down if they need to or additional breaks to rest. Vocational rehabilitation can help them find work that suits their health, too, which makes it easier to maintain a job in the long-term.

On top of this, employers are prohibited from discriminating against those with disabilities thanks to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA protects nearly all people with SCIs, requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations for them when doing so won’t cause undue hardship for the business.

Your attorney can help you fight for workers’ compensation after you suffer an SCI on the job. They can work with you to make sure you’re treated fairly by your employer following the injury.

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