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A personal injury can have lasting consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Personal injuries can be anything from broken bones to deep lacerations, dog bites, car crash injuries or traumatic head injuries. No matter what kind of personal injury you’re suffering from, the reality is that they are difficult to deal with. Even a mild injury can impact your ability to do the things you love as easily as you could in the past.

After a personal injury takes place, you should go to a doctor or to the hospital for treatment. After you do, you’ll have the first piece of documentation that you can use to file a claim against the party who caused you harm. For instance, if you were in a traffic accident and went to the hospital, your hospital documents would be great documentation to help you with making a claim.

I received a settlement offer after I was hurt in a car crash. Should I take it?

It is important to work closely with your attorney to discuss any settlements that are offered to you. Some insurance companies will attempt to settle early on in the case in hopes that you will take a lower settlement offer. It is often appropriate to turn down the settlement offer and to negotiate for a higher settlement, especially if you have severe injuries or injuries that will require ongoing care in the future. Remember, it’s usually best not to settle until you know what to expect from your injuries.

Our site has more on personal injury lawsuits and what you can do if you’ve been hurt in a collision or another kind of accident.

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