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Man hit in Walmart parking lot while in crosswalk

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Personal Injury |

When roads are busy and traffic is a little bit crazy from the holidays, it’s very important for everyone to take a moment to slow down and look both ways before maneuvering in a vehicle. Even in parking lots, there’s a serious risk of injuries if you’re not cautious about what’s going on around you.

Police in Hollidaysburg recently had to respond to a car crash in a local Walmart parking lot after a 50-year-old worker at the store was struck by a 2006 Chevy Equinox. According to the story, the 50-year-old man was pushing carts back into the building while inside the crosswalk when the driver’s vehicle hit the shopping cart collector. While the man tried to get out of the way, he couldn’t avoid the impact of the shopping cart collector after it was hit. While he was able to get up and walk around, he did have to wait for the emergency medical team to arrive.

This case is interesting because someone who is hit while working should be covered by workers’ compensation. In the case that someone is leaving work or is on a break, they may not have access to workers’ compensation and would need to seek a claim through a personal injury lawsuit.

It’s truly fortunate that the man was not badly hurt in this case. If you are hit in a situation like this one, remember that vehicles are supposed to stop before crosswalks and that you have a right to pursue a claim. If a driver isn’t paying attention, then they should have to deal with the consequences.

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