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Workplace injuries prompt man’s trip to the hospital

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Firm News |

Most Pennsylvania employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance. If an employee suffers workplace injuries, he or she may file a claim to collect benefits, such as replacement of lost wages during recovery. Workers’ comp benefits can also help offset medical bills and other expenses that may be connected to a particular work injury incident.

Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. For instance, someone who spends most of his or her work time behind a desk is likely less at risk for injury than someone who works in construction. Those who work on commercial vehicles, too, are often at risk for on-the-job accidents.

A sanitation worker was recently transported to a hospital with possible bone fractures that occurred as a result of an accident involving a garbage dumpster. A waste truck was in the process of emptying the dumpster when something went wrong. The heavy dumpster broke loose and fell on the worker. Rescuers soon arrived to take the man to the hospital.

Thankfully, the man’s workplace injuries were not life-threatening. In cases like this, however, it often takes weeks to heal from broken bones, which may necessitate taking a lot of time off work. Such situations can be stressful, especially if complications arise when an injured employee files a claim for benefits. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can provide much-needed support, particularly when an issue arises that delays or impedes a worker’s ability to collect benefits.

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