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Pennsylvania plagued by drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Most people have frequent need to travel by motor vehicle whether they commute to work every day or work from home. There are many issues that can place drivers or passengers at risk for injury. One thing is certain — Pennsylvania roads would be a lot safer without drunk drivers.

It is not always possible to tell when a driver is intoxicated. Then again, a driver might notice signs of erratic behavior of a person at the wheel in another car and can then logically assume that the driver in question might be drunk. If a drunk driver hits someone, the person is lucky to survive as many drunk driving collisions result in fatalities.

All drivers are obligated to adhere to traffic laws.  If a person consumes alcohol before driving, he or she may not even remember what the traffic laws are.  In addition to forgetfulness, intoxication can impair cognitive ability, leading to a driver’s difficulty to navigate turns, match speed to traffic patterns or maintain his or her position in a traffic lane without weaving into adjacent or oncoming traffic.

If a drunk driver causes a collision that results in injury to another person, the recovering victim will want to build a strong support network from the start. This group may be comprised of doctors and surgeons, physical therapists, friends and family, and legal advocates. A person’s support network is typically a key factor toward achieving as full a recovery as is possible, including recovery of applicable monetary damages sustained.

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