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Vacations with the kids following divorce: What you should know

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Family Law |

Vacation time can be great for bonding with your children. It is a chance to spend uninterrupted time together, far from the distractions and routines of everyday life such as homework, sports matches and work.

Vacations become even more important after a divorce, especially if you usually only see your kids at weekends. However, they can also become more challenging to organize, as you need to coordinate with the other parent.

Can I take my children out of the country?

You can, but you will need a letter of authority from the other parent. It is best if this is notarized to reinforce its legality. The aim is to reduce opportunities for parents to abduct their children. You will be asked for this letter at the airport, and your children may be refused boarding without it.

Can I take my children on vacation when I want?

It depends. As part of your child custody agreement, you and the other parent should set out how you will split holiday time with the children. However, sometimes opportunities to travel arise that do not fit in with this schedule. There is nothing to prohibit you and your spouse from agreeing to an exception to the rule. It may pay to get their permission in writing if you think there is any chance they may later deny ever having given their approval.

What if the other parent does not want to let me take the children away?

Some parents can get nervous about their partner taking their children away, especially when the divorce is still raw. They might fear they will never see their kids again. Check your parenting plan to see what you agreed and seek legal help if you have problems.

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