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Department worker injured by wayward vehicle collision

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Not all Pennsylvania collisions happen on the roadways. In fact, parking lots can be high-risk areas for motor vehicle accidents, as well. A parking lot in front of a Christmas Tree Shop in Lackawanna County became the scene of a sudden and unexpected crash on a recent Saturday afternoon.

There have been no charges filed at this time regarding the collision. However, during preliminary investigations, police determined that a woman had been parked in a handicap space in the lot outside the Christmas Tree Shop. As she attempted to exit the space, she pressed the gas pedal when, in fact, she meant to hit the brake.

The woman’s vehicle sped straight through the storefront, crashing into the shop where a worker was just inside the door. Debris flew everywhere, some of which struck the employee. Rescuers transported the worker to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. The driver of the vehicle did not suffer any injuries in the crash.

When a store employee suffers injury in a workplace accident, he or she can typically file a workers’ compensation claim to collect benefits during recovery that may help pay medical bills and replace lost wages for time off work. However, when another person’s negligence was a causal factor in a worker’s injury, he or she may also consider filing a personal injury claim in a civil court to seek financial recovery for his or her losses against the person deemed responsible for the accident. It is helpful to schedule a meeting with an experienced personal injury law attorney before heading to court in order to obtain support in gathering evidence and determining the maximum amount of compensation to which one may be entitled if the court rules in the plaintiff’s favor.

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