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Why do couples drift apart?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Family Law |

When you hear people talk about the reasons for their divorce, they often do not have a concrete reason, like a spouse having an affair. Instead, they just say that they were drifting apart and they were no longer happy.

You don’t need any more of a reason than this to split up, but it is interesting to consider why it happens. Many people aren’t quite sure how to proceed or how they’ve gotten to this point. Let’s look at some of the reasons it may happen.

Small disappointments add up

Small disappointments could include things like feeling that your spouse doesn’t express their feelings for you often enough. That may not feel like a reason to get divorced. However, living in that type of marriage for years can be draining. Eventually, the couple may just not feel close at all.

They spend too much time apart

When one person works or travels often — or both — it can take a toll. A couple may have been in love when they were together, but months on the road can cause those feelings to fade.

They change as they get older

This is often an issue for couples who get married at a very young age. As they grow up, they both change. Sometimes, they stay compatible, but many couples find that the marriage just no longer works. They never would have gotten married if they’d met at 30 instead of 18.

Have any of these issues led you to a divorce? If so, be sure you know how to protect your legal rights in divorce. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance.

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