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4 fears that keep people in unhappy marriages

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Family Law |

People often end up staying in unhealthy marriages. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common is fear.

Being scared of change is expected. However, if you push through your fears, you often achieve something far greater.

Ending a marriage can require bravery and planning

Some fears are rational. Others are less so. Here are four that are frequent among people who feel stuck in an unhappy relationship:

  1. Financial fears: A recent study showed that divorce harms women’s finances more than men’s. However, remaining married may stop you from accessing economic opportunities.
  2. Fear of how it will affect the children: Divorce will be challenging for your children, but so is watching you remain in an unhappy marriage, especially an abusive one.
  3. Fear of your partner: An abusive spouse may become more violent if you say you are leaving. Or they may try to manipulate you by pretending to be nice. If you worry about how your spouse will react, consider moving somewhere safe before telling them you are leaving. You could also seek a temporary restraining order.
  4. Fear of being single for the rest of your life: It can be easy to lose your sense of self in a bad marriage. Your partner may use psychological manipulation to make you believe you are worthless and remain dependent on them. However, if you take the leap and file for divorce, you will find others have a much higher opinion of you. You might even discover you prefer to stay single.

Understanding more about how divorce works can help alleviate some of your fears. The more knowledge you get, the better you can plan to move from your current situation to a brighter future.

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