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Guidance for older men in Pennsylvania considering a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Family Law |

Getting a divorce at any age is painful, but for men over 50, divorce comes with many side effects that may impact their overall health.

The “gray divorce” rate involving couples 50 years of age and over continues to rise in the nation and here in the Hollidaysburg region of Pennsylvania, making this a timely topic for all residents.

How can a relationship affect one’s health?

According to one article, men thrive on affirmative personal relationships. Of course, people of both genders thrive on positive relationships. However, in this post, we wanted to explore the possible health effects joyless marriages may cause in male spouses.

Men in unhappy unions may experience potentially dangerous health issues such as high blood pressure, high stress and a high heart rate. Further, they often worsen their overall condition by choosing unhealthy coping mechanisms like heavy drinking, overeating and smoking. If you look at it this way, a gray divorce could improve the health of older men in unhappy marriages.

Women initiate divorce more than men do by as much as 70%. To us, this supports the conclusion above that men thrive on positive relationships. For example, they want to hold on to their marriages, even when the relationship is not as happy as it should be for both spouses.

A word of caution about divorce

Regardless of your health or happiness, it is unwise to file for divorce without careful consideration. After all, getting a divorce when you are older comes with financial concerns such as preserving retirement funds and property. You want to protect your financial future after divorce at any age, but especially so when you’re older. 

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