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Never use your children as messengers

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Family Law |

Parents who are going through a divorce and those who have already finalized their split might not enjoy having to speak to each other. While some people can get away with never speaking to an ex, it isn’t possible to do that if you share children.

One thing that all parents should remember is that they should never use their children as messengers to relay information from one parent to the other. It’s best for the adults to communicate directly with each other, even if this is done in a virtual manner, such as with texts or emails.

Issues with children relaying messages

There are several problems that can occur when you rely on the children to relay messages back and forth. One of these is that things may be misconstrued. The kids might not pass along the message as it was given to them. In some cases, the information might even be forgotten.

Another issue is that the children may feel awkward having to pass messages. In some cases, the kids might become the recipient of anger over the message even though they are just trying to tell one parent what their other parent said.

Children may become privy to information they don’t really need to know if they’re having to pass along information from one parent to the other. Some children might take things they hear to heart or misinterpret messages, which could lead to them having emotional or mental trauma.

Communication can be covered in the parenting plan. It’s a good idea to include that, as well as conflict resolution methods. This can help you prevent issues from happening in the future.

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