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Child custody: A look at Pennsylvania conciliation conferences

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Family Law |

During Pennsylvania child custody matters, parents often want to know what will happen in their journey through the judicial system. It is wise to reach out for information as it allows you to prepare for the proceedings in advance. Many parents find that learning what to expect during all child custody stages is helpful.

One of the first things to happen in Hollidaysburg child custody affairs is the conciliation conference. Although largely informal, this conference can set the tone for additional legal proceedings.

What is a conciliation conference?

Overseen by a conference officer, it is an opportunity to discover options like mediation that may keep your custody proceedings out of court. In some cases, the parents can reach a full custody agreement during the conciliation conference. When this happens, the conference officer drafts a proposal based on this agreement for the court to review. Most courts follow the recommendations an officer provides.

If the court finds that the agreement is fair to parents and kids alike, it will likely give it a stamp of approval. However, if you cannot reach an agreement with your co-parent or the court overrules your plan, you may have to attend formal courtroom litigation to address child custody.

As mentioned above, conciliation conferences are relatively informal. The officer will ask both of you several questions. For example, the officer may ask if you have a job or request information about your residence. All questions the officer asks will revolve around your child’s best interests.

If this is your first divorce or child custody case, increasing your knowledge about child custody laws and procedures can help you prepare for the next phase of your custody proceedings.

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