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3 things to remember about the use of social media and divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Family Law |

Billions of people across the planet now use social media on a frequent basis. Consequently, it is likely that you are using it too. While it is perfectly reasonable to continue using social media throughout your divorce, it is important to bear in mind the impacts that it can have.

Although there are ways to increase privacy on your profiles, what you post still tends to be accessible to many people. Importantly, although you have the option to delete posts, a regrettable post is essentially impossible to retract. Thus, it is worth thinking carefully about whether your social media activity could negatively affect your case during a separation. Outlined below are three things to remember about the use of social media and divorce.

Your posts can be used against you

Divorce can cause emotional turmoil, and it may be helpful for you to share your feelings. Nevertheless, social media is probably not the best place to do it. Posts that you make can typically be seen by an array of people, potentially creating a negative impression, including with the court. As a result, you should only share thoughts that you would be comfortable repeating in front of a judge.

Your reputation as a parent is on the line

If children are at the heart of the divorce process, then the courts will usually be looking at what is in the best interests of the child. While there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down at times, irresponsible behavior could reflect badly on you as a parent. For example, pictures posted on social media that display you drinking heavily on a regular basis may impact your custody case.

Spending habits can be monitored  

Financial disputes often play a central role in divorce proceedings. Therefore, social media posts that show reckless spending habits could give the courts a negative impression. If this is the case, the financial aspect of your divorce settlement may not go as you had intended.

Social media plays an integral role in daily life for many people. While it is perfectly acceptable to express your thoughts and emotions, the internet may not always be the best place to do this. If you find yourself going through a contentious divorce in Pennsylvania, you should know that you have legal rights.

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