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How will you deal with custody in the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Family Law |

With Halloween over, it will soon be time to focus on the major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have just divorced or are about to, you need to accept that things will be different this year.

While escaping the overcooked turkey at your in-laws might come as a relief, if you have children, splitting from your spouse means you might also have to separate from the kids during these special times.

There are several ways to split time with children during the holidays

Here are some possible ways to organize your custody schedule around the holidays:

  • Divide out the holidays: You have the kids for Christmas, your spouse has them for New Year’s Eve.
  • Take turns year to year: The kids spend this New Year with you and the next with your co-parent
  • Divide each holiday: The kids sleep at yours on Christmas Eve, and you open presents and enjoy a festive breakfast, before dropping them with your ex for lunch and gifts with that side of the family.
  • Spend time with your ex and the kids: If you are divorcing but remain good friends, your family might invite your ex over for Christmas lunch with the kids. While rare, some couples can make this work.

The holidays can never be the same after your divorce, but that does not mean they cannot be as good or better. The festive season is often a source of stress for families, so creating new routines that work for you can help ensure your children look back with fondness in years to come. The less conflictive your divorce, the simpler that will be. 

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