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Can you use your spouse’s social media against them in divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2022 | Family Law |

Social media was not designed to be used as a weapon to attack others. However, it is increasingly clear what an effective one it can be. If you are divorcing, it can also be a useful tool to defend yourself.

Attacking a spouse on social media is never wise during a divorce. Yet some people do not think things through. If your spouse makes that mistake and vents their fury at you, screenshot it and file it.

Courts can look at social media proof when making decisions over custody

Imagine you and your spouse have very different ideas about how you should split custody of your child. You cannot agree and take it to court for a judge to decide. Your spouse is a talented manipulator who has made a habit of making you look back in front of others for years. If they try to do the same in your divorce hearing, those social media posts you screenshotted may be your best line of defense to show the judge your spouse is not as angelic as they claim.

Social media can help during property division, too

For example, your spouse is claiming poverty, yet you have saved photos their friend posted of an extravagant overseas trip they took together last month. Or, a video your spouse’s new fling posted on Instagram showing off an expensive new ring that her “new man” gifted her.

If your spouse is aggressive or deceitful in divorce, getting legal help to collect evidence and present it to a judge can help you defend your rights and get the divorce outcomes you deserve.

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