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Talking to your fiance about a prenup without causing a fight

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2022 | Family Law |

Prenuptial agreements are more common now than ever. People from many backgrounds, including professional and working-class adults, now see the value in agreeing to certain terms prior to a wedding.

You may worry that your fiance will misinterpret your desire to talk about a prenuptial agreement. Some people view such requests as a sign that their partner does not intend to fully commit to the relationship.

How can you broach the topic without doing damage to your most important relationship?

Focus on the mutual benefits of having a prenup

If all you talk about when you suggest negotiating a prenup is how it will protect you or specific property that you own, like your family business, that could alienate your fiance from the very start. It could also lead to a document that isn’t as useful as you might hope.

For a prenup to stand up under scrutiny in court, it has to offer protection or benefits to both parties. A balanced agreement that protects property or rights for both of you is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Not only can each of you protect the things that matter to you, but you can clarify what you expect from marriage. The discussions you have when negotiating a prenup might actually improve your relationship and reduce your risk of divorce later. If you do end up facing divorce, your pre-agreed terms will allow you to file an uncontested divorce, which will be faster and more affordable.

Focusing on the benefits of a prenuptial agreement could help you broach a difficult topic with the person you love.

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